How To See Your Wall to Wall With Your Friends On The New Facebook

Someone just e-mailed me today and pointed out something interesting – “there is no longer an option to see wall to wall.” What?? I knew Facebook started using “See Friendship” on other people’s walls, but I didn’t think they scrapped that feature altogether for you and your friends.

Luckily, after some investigation, I discovered Facebook did NOT scrap the wall to wall that lets you see your entire conversation you had with a friend (so you don’t need to open 2 windows to track your conversation).

But it’s not very noticeable which is why most people can’t find the link the same way they used to by clicking “wall to wall.”

Allow me to enlighten you my friend 🙂

Step 1. Go to your friend’s profile that you want to see the wall to wall

Step 2. Click on “See Friendship” on the top right hand corner (see screenshot below)

see wall to wall friendship

Step 3
. Now look on the top left hand corner where it says “Wall posts.” Once you click that, you’ll see your entire history of conversation with your friend.

Step 4
. Keep clicking “older posts” to see more. Mine dates back all the way to 2007 when I first became friends with Paul 🙂

Step 5.
You can add a post on your friend’s wall just by entering a status on the See Friendship page. If you frequently talk to a certain friend, you should bookmark the friendship page.

Please keep in mind, you cannot delete your posts this way!!! Don’t attempt to do an imacro on it, it won’t work.

Unfortunately I haven’t found an easy way to delete your posts on your friend’s wall yet. Sorry guys. But there you are….enjoy!



  1. I must delete a picture from my FACEBOOK please help. A friend asked me to share & now I regret it. Any help would be so appreciated. I’m new at this & don’t know what I’m doing I’m ready to close out forever.

  2. is there a way to see what you’re friends have written on each other’s timeline without having to look back and find things?

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