How to Fix Chromecast’s Network Error While Setting it Up


Chromecast doesn’t come with many instructions out of the box. You plug it into your HDMI port, follow the prompts on your TV, and it’s supposed to magically work.

Uh, not in my case.

While setting it up on my iPad mini, I got the Uh-Oh error page that said Chromecast and my device may not be on the same network, and that I needed to change my wifi settings.

Google included a “Learn More” link to fix this issue, but if it were that straightforward, I wouldn’t be writing this.

After hours of frustration trying varying solutions — I finally got it setup. So if you are in the same situation, read on to see what worked for me.

What I tried (and you should NOT!!)

(1) Returning and getting a new Chromecast

Believe me: It’s not defective.

When I first tried setting up the Chromecast I got from Best Buy — I ran into the error page, but somehow it still worked on all my devices, so I figured it was OK.

A couple of hours later, it would NOT detect any Chromecasts despite resetting it (by pressing on the button on the Chromecast for 15 seconds and letting go).

I went back to Best Buy to exchange it. Came home with a new one, tried setting it up, and once again…the same stupid error page.

(2) Disabling SSID broadcast

I read on a couple of websites that suggested the issue may be that the Linksys router was broadcasting on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz which confuses Chromecast…so I logged into my router, clicked the 5ghz radio button, and hit disable.

Bad idea. I could no longer see my wifi network!! (In hindsight, it makes sense that if you disable the SSID broadcast, you can’t connect to your wifi network. Duh, I know.)

If you accidentally did this, don’t worry… just hook up your laptop to your router with a wired cable. Disable your wifi connection, enable local area connection, login to your router (e.g., then enable the SSID broadcast again.

What I tried (and you should too!)

(1) Make sure AP Isolation is DISABLED – and UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) is ENABLED in your router

In my case, both of these settings were already set by default.

But yours may not be.

For my Linksys E2000 router, AP Isolation is under “Advanced Wireless settings” and UPnP is under “Administration > Management”.

(2) Try different devices

If it didn’t setup correctly on your android phone, try all your other wifi-enabled devices.

You can also try setting it up on your laptop, but you need to have Windows 7 or a newer operating system. (I’m still on WinXP, so this was a no go for me.)

(3) Change your wifi password to a shorter one (ding ding ding we have a winner!)

Surprisingly, this was the ONLY solution that worked. Who would have thought?!

After changing my 16 character long wifi password to an 8 character one (with a mix of uppercase, lowercase, and numbers), I plugged in Chromecast again, re-installed the Chromecast app on my iPod, and changed the Chromecast network default name (ChromecastXXXX) to a simple word (Room)…

…after that, I got the confirmation screen indicating that Chromecast was setup successfully!

All my devices connected to Chromecast no problem after that.

If all of the above still doesn’t solve your problem…

… I suggest you go through this helpful Reddit thread with a ton of other solutions you can try.

Hope this helps!